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Hi There!

My name is Heather Hildenbrand
& I'm so excited to offer 
manifestation & mindset coaching

Whether you're feeling STUCK and want to FINALLY make more money, or you're looking to transform some seriously painful shit that you know is holding you back, this is absolutely the right place for you.

Private coaching
with heather hildenbrand

Let's just call it what it is, babe.

You want:

💰more money. BIIIIG money. Like, rich AF $$$$$$MONEY!

💰a successful career that gives you BOSS BABE vibezzzz

💰luxury everywhere. bigger house, nicer cars, a dreamy workspace

💫evidence everywhere you look that the Universe has your back

😎unfuckwithable confidence and belief in yourself

⛱ travel, adventurrrreee!


But instead you feel:

😴 tired AF

🤬 frustrated, resentful, pissed


🤯 overwhelmed

😱 fear

💩 basically you feel like shit


Let me help! I know what it feels like to be STUCK AF. To want so badly to change your energy and your reality but no idea how to make it ACTUALLY work.


Private coaching is like hitting fast-forward on the process and the journey of REAL TRANSFORMATION.


It's a way to dig into YOUR specific blocks and wounds, and heal/release/transform them ALL.


It's empowering AF. And it gives you the exact recipe for YOUR best results.


Working with me is the way you make all this personal. No more generic (though well-intentioned) "this is how you XYZ" advice. We tailor it all to you and your needs and your blocks. And then we transform them all.


If you want to hit fast-forward on the transformation you are MORE THAN READY FOR and finally start living your own Happily Ever After, click below to fill out this form and I'll get back to you ASAP.


Let's finally make it happen for you.


This is your year.



Coaching Successes

I went to Heather when I was feeling lost and afraid. She quickly cut through so much of my trauma, putting me on a path to a healthier and happier me, while giving me the tools to continue to grow on my own. I highly recommend her services!

 — Heather Renee,

Bestselling Author of the Mystics and Mayhem

Love, love, love working with Heather! I was surprised at how quickly she intuited my challenges and hangups on our very first call. Working with her has been an enlightening and uplifting journey.

-Em Brown, Bestselling Romance Author

Heather has been so instrumental in my moods and how I approach my work. I’m energized and excited and overcoming burnout for the first time in years!

 -Nana Malone,

WSJ and USA Today Bestselling Author

Heather literally changed my life. I was in a really bad place mentally and didn’t know how to get out of the rut I was in. I had lost all passion for writing, words didn’t flow, and that affected my personal life dramatically. At the end of my 3 months with Heather, I was able to achieve ALL of my goals.

 —  C. Hallman, USA Today Bestselling Author

Heather has a real yet magical way of shining a different light on your situation, which inherently allows you to see the beauty underneath. Things I used to hate about myself, I now embrace. Words I would use to describe myself now have positive connotations, not negative. (Somehow we even changed "lazy" into "chill / mellow / relaxed / easy-going" and I freaking love that!) She helped me find the root of who I truly am, and helped me nurture that delicate and vulnerable part of myself as it began (and continues) to grow stronger. I am so grateful for her and her guidance. 10/10 totally recommend!

-Elle Middaugh, USA Today Bestselling Author

Heather helped me EXPLODE my brand. She taught me to not just clear my energy blocks but to also get to the root of them and address them for true healing. Not only did I achieve every goal on my list, but I also became a whole writer--someone who loves herself and gives herself care and grace, while attracting even more money and opportunities than when I was "accidentally" writing a bestselling non-fiction book. I've recommended her to all of my writer friends. And I consider Heather the best investment anyone could make to level up their career and their entire life. I honestly cannot thank Heather enough.

 -Theodora Taylor,

Author of 7 Figure Fiction: How to Use Universal Fantasy to SELL Your Books to ANYONE

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