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Create the Life You’ve Been Dreaming Of!


Discover How to

Finally Attract all your

Wildest Dreams

With Heather Hildenbrand's

3-day Bootcamp:

Are you tired of getting amped up Jan 1st only to throw in the towel by the end of the month and go “back to how it’s always been?” 


Goal setting and the new year are actually my absolute favorite time of year.


I love looking back at all I’ve accomplished and, for better or worse, see the growth. And I especially loooove planning where I'm going!


But not everyone has such a positive outlook or, most accurately, not everyone maintains it throughout the year. I get that. It's hard to keep going especially when our motivation or willpower suddenly dries up!


The reality is New Year’s Resolutions are a dime a dozen. And for every new goal we hit, we have a thousand more that fizzle out by February.


Why is that?

Stop doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
(That’s literally the definition of insanity!)


Inside this 3-Day Workshop you’ll learn all the reasons WHY you’ve been spinning on that hamster wheel forever AND how to do things differently—to create EPIC results.

I used to write down my goals every single New Year and then hustle + grind my way toward them until I was too burned out or overwhelmed to even enjoy the achievement.


And that’s if I hit my goals at all.


Now, I create what I want with ease.


And I actually enjoy the process just as much as I love hitting each and every one of those milestones. In the years since I’ve implemented this Be the Goal method of goal-getting, I’ve increased my income every year, gotten a bestselling series optioned for TV, won awards including Author of the Year, and worked with some of the top authors in my industry as co-writers, collaborators, and even as THEIR publisher!


This bootcamp is where I teach you my exact process.


And the best part is that it’s repeatable over and over again. Forever. No matter how big your goals get—this process is how you reach them.

I created BE THE GOAL to answer that exact question!

Stop fumbling around in the dark and throwing spaghetti at the wall just to see what sticks.


Your goals deserve more than that.

Your dreams do too.


You are the LIVING, BREATHING manifestation of the story of your own life.


It’s time to be the heroine instead of the side chick.


It’s time to actually uncover what’s been holding you back.


And it’s time to do the one thing that CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING.


How about instead of achieving just one goal, this time BE the one who already HAS IT ALL.

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-J G

I feel lighter after taking the Be the Goal Bootcamp.  I started my manifestation journey last year and this Bootcamp helped me realize I still had a significant block to overcome.  The format is flexible and you delve into three topic areas:  Reflect, Attract, Embody.  I found the homework in each section particularly helpful and once I got started it wasn't hard to fill in the blanks.  I'm really impressed by the meditations as I felt something after, almost like a weight had been lifted.  I really like that you have access to the content for future reference.  Heather Hildenbrand is a spectacular resource and teacher.  I'm so glad I signed up!  I highly recommend you do too. 

I loved this course for a few reasons, but the best one is that I felt acknowledged. Heather saw my questions and addressed them. She did so in a way that kept on topic but didn't ignore them. She also taught with examples we can relate to. I also enjoyed her bringing in the science (as a science teacher this was great) and truly taking the time to explain and teach, even bringing in youtube videos to explain ideas.

-Tanya S.

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