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Are you feeling stuck right now?

Not just in your author career or with writer’s block but really, truly stuck in LIFE?


And no matter how hard you’ve tried, or how positively you think, nothing changes?


Maybe you’ve tried manifestation before and nothing happened. Maybe you’ve taken the courses, listened to the podcasts, and journaled your little heart out–and still, you feel stuck.

As authors, we put a hell of a lot of energy into creating stories for our readers. But what about YOUR story?

Don’t you want to manifest your own happily ever after too?

Manifest Your HEA will teach you why all your efforts haven’t worked before and how to finally make manifestation work for you. 

Don’t you want to:
•    Earn six figures… a year, a quarter, a month?
•    Stop re-living the past?
•    Stop feeling like everything in your life is constantly draining you?
•    Work LESS while making MORE?
•    Release the stress and anxiety you carry like a weight on your shoulders? 
•    Actually be happy?

Manifest Your HEA teaches you exactly how to finally have all of that and more.

After studying manifestation for over a decade, six-figure, bestselling romance author Heather Hildenbrand knows better than anyone that the practice of manifesting abundance is not a one-size-fits-all. Transformation isn’t easy. Not everyone can just snap their fingers and change the way they think. 

Trying to shift your mindset and clear what’s holding you back can be overwhelming and frustrating. Especially when manifesting doesn’t seem like it works for you.

Manifestation & mindset coach Heather Hildenbrand will guide you through the same breakthrough process she created to get herself and her coaching clients unstuck to finally manifest their own happily ever afters.

Where you start from doesn’t have to determine where you’re going. Not in your publishing career and not in your personal life.


You can overcome your biggest challenges and transform your life. Using the 3 powerful steps of the HEA method will make manifestation work for anyone – even you. 

This book explains step-by-step how Heather and her clients completely rewrote their own happily ever afters to create the lives of their dreams with thriving families, successful businesses, and more joy and ease than they ever could have dreamed existed. 


The HEA method will help you overcome and get unstuck from challenges like:

•    Divorce
•    Book sales drying up
•    Binge eating
•    Being stuck at the same income level, no matter how many books you publish
•    Addiction
•    Sacrificing your health and your life for meeting impossible deadlines
•    The loss of a child

The HEA Method is the simple but revolutionary 3-step process to get you unstuck so you can finally manifest your dream life too.

Using these 3 steps, you don’t have to choose between work or love; happiness or money; health or success.
You get to have it ALL.
The career.
The romance.
The health.
The money.
The happiness.
AND the success.

You’re literally the author of your own life—and that means it’s your job to write the adventure, the journey, AND the happily ever after.

Doing the work of healing and releasing your wounds might sound scary, but the fact is that no one is coming to save you.

In your story, the princess saves herself.

Get Yours Now!

Praise for Manifest Your HEA

This book did for me what years of therapy did not. I felt infinitely better by the time I got to the end!

 — Jessica Wayne, USA Today Bestselling Author

I had so many lightbulb moments reading this, I could light a mansion. Fortunately, with Heather’s easy-to-follow guidance, a mansion just might be in my future.

 — Liz Lincoln, author of Scoring a Spouse 

Heather’s book is an easy-to-read guide that can help readers tap into their innate abilities and beliefs, allowing them to manifest their deepest desires and heal from past traumas. With her guidance, you can learn to unlock your full potential and experience the life you truly desire.

 — Jill Cooper, The Writing Wives 

Coming Soon!

The Manifest Your HEA Workbook is a companion to be used in conjunction with Manifest Your HEA: Get Unstuck & Create Your Happily Ever After. This workbook includes all of the homework exercises from the original book, new journaling prompts, space for freewriting, and more tools to help you manifest your own HEA.

This workbook is designed to help you let go of your past programming and limiting beliefs to get you unstuck from the self-sabotaging patterns of your past. The exercises will help you unlock new beliefs and perspectives, targeting your subconscious mind so that true change really happens.

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