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Heather Hildenbrand


12 weeks to create your own happily ever after…


Are you ready to let go of overwhelm, burn out, and stress? To stop spinning your wheels while getting nowhere? To finally break free from that Fear voice in your mind that whispers you’re not good enough?

Believe me, you’re not alone. Once upon a time, I was STUCK in all of those things too. And it sucked. I started to question if I’d ever find true freedom or happiness or joy or success or any of the things I wanted so badly.

Spoiler alert: I found it all! And now, you will too!

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Authors, it’s time to use your storytelling power to manifest your own happily ever after!

Are you sick of feeling overwhelmed, burned out, and stressed AF over getting your author business to the next level? Do you constantly wonder if maybe you just aren’t good enough or smart enough or talented enough? Like you’ve tried everything and nothing works?

The rest of the world will tell you to just DO MORE.


That if you want to make more $$, just work harder.


Hustle. Grind.






Take one more course. Do it that way, not this way….


What if they’re wrong, though? 


What if the key to unlocking your wildest success is

already hanging around your neck?


What if you already ARE good enough?

Field Walk

What would it feel like to, not just experience the MONEY and SUCCESS you dream of, but to alleviate the suffering along the way?

I WANT THAT FOR YOU almost as badly as you want it for yourself ;)


That’s why I created this 12 week mastermind. So you can finally release all of the things holding you back and move into that next level you’ve been craving.


Maybe you’ve tried manifestation before. (Hell, at this point you’ve tried it all, right?) Maybe it worked on some things and not on others. Maybe it didn’t work at all and you tossed it onto the bullshit pile.


I’ve been there. (My bullshit pile might as well have been a freaking mountain.)


I know what it’s like to be STUCK on the hamster wheel listening to that Fear voice on repeat while it convinces you that the problem is YOU.


I cannot wait to free you from that Fear voice.


To teach you exactly how to change everything.


To show you how to heal yourself.


To let go and allow in all of the things you’ve been asking the Universe for…. For way too damn long now.


Because I also know what it’s like to fully transform. And I’m so f*cking excited to help you do the same thing!


The truth is, my private coaching calendar is packed full. (It’s actually overly full.) But I'm determined to help as many people as possible, so I created a space where you can come together in a small group setting and still get all the same benefits you would from 1-on-1 coaching.


This mastermind is all about transformation.


It’s going to be intense. 


In the best way.


For the next 12 weeks, I’m bringing together a small group of authors who are ready to finally be free from the GRIND of EFFORTING your way to success. Who are done living in the pain of what you’ve been through in the past. Who are determined to create something new and better.


This is the Happily Ever After Mastermind.


It’s not like anything you’ve tried before.


This is you transforming.


This is you setting down the baggage.


This is you stepping–not just into your dream life–but into your dream SELF.


This is the moment where everything changes.


By now, you’ve learned the hard way that no one is coming to save you.


That’s okay, babe.

This is the part in your story where the princess saves her damn self.

REGISTRATION is currently closed.

TO get notified when it opens again, 
join the waitlist so you can be the first to hear the news!

Inside the Happily Ever After Mastermind, you’ll get:


  • 6 Modules that include all the tools you need to begin to manifest your own happily ever after​


  • Guided energy work designed to target your subconscious mind for true release and change


  • A community hub where you can share with others who are experiencing the same changes


  • 6 Live Q&A coaching calls so you can go deeper on the things that are coming up specific to you

  • Recordings of the LIVE calls to watch later

  • Tools designed to tap into your subconscious mind to reprogram the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from achieving your dream


Imagine yourself:


  • Out of burn out


  • Done with stress


  • Free from anxiety


  • No longer letting Fear rule you


But even MORE IMPORTANT is the CHANGE you’ll be empowered to experience. 

Things like:


  • Freedom from the weight of your own self-doubt


  • The EXACT method all of my private clients (and I) have used to manifest the author income of your dreams on YOUR terms & schedule


  • Confidence and belief in yourself 


  • A clear and direct process that you can run on repeat that applies to every freaking goal you’ll ever have


  • A road map for how to turn every f*cking dream you have into a reality

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