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The HUSTLE of Manifestation

I heard someone say today, “I’m going to manifest that right now!”

And I couldn’t help thinking more deeply on the energy behind her words.

“To manifest” sounds like a verb which implies an ACTION on our part. But the first thing to realize about manifesting is that it’s not about anything you are going to do Which is, unfortunately, exactly backwards of how the world teaches us to “Get what we want.”

I think this nuance trips a lot of people up.

Here’s an example of what I mean: You can’t effort yourself a yacht. You can allow a yacht to come into your experience though.

In the same token, you can’t make something happen but you can allow it to happen.

Manifesting is not about hard work and hustle. It’s something that happens to you when you’re not blocking it.

That's it. That's the whole work: 'not blocking it.'

This was so hard to get for me, personally, because it's backward AF from what our culture teaches us. The world tells us we have to work hard to get ahead. We hear stuff like: Money doesn't grow on trees. Hustle and grind. Slay all day. Hard work is rewarded.


I mean, is anyone else singing “You gotta work bitch” in their heads right now??

The truth is that our "work" energy has become all about forcing it to happen. We think we have to "earn our keep" and that we "can't get something for nothing." But the energy of allowing (of getting the hell out of the way so the Universe can do its job) is completely vibing with "something for nothing."

Allowing feels a lot like getting a present. Yes, there is work involved in getting what you want. But that work doesn’t come from the same place as needing to force things or control it all. Often, it will feel like you hardly did anything at all.

It will sometimes feel like it was too easy. And that makes us suspicious. IN FACT, as badly as you want that million dollar$, some of you kind of only want it if you feel like it was hard to get.


Think about that. Would you want it to feel "too easy?" Be honest with yourself because a lot of the private clients I work with can admit, yeah, if it’s too easy, they don’t trust it.

If that’s you, you're in the energy of forcing it.

What if it was as easy and simple as getting a present??

Feel that vibe in your body. THAT EASE. That's what it's like to ALLOW. The verb of "to manifest" just means "to get the hell out of your own way." 😉

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