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GOOD VIBES ONLY…and Other Toxic Catch Phrases

As human beings, we have “bad feelings” just as often as good ones. The Q is what to do with them.

A lot of manifestation or self-development teachers will tell you to just “think positive” and ignore the negative. There are good intentions in that advice, especially since we know that what we're focused on most is going to grow. In other words, you get more of whatever you're a match to.


Sometimes, the negative thoughts, feeling, and beliefs that are inside us are so big that ignoring them doesn't make them go away.

All it does is keep us from noticing the shitty vibration we've got going on. We doggedly refocus our thoughts into positivity and then wonder why we keep attracting more shit.

The fact is, sometimes it's absolutely necessary to go to those shitty feeling parts of ourselves and work them out. Without that healing, they're not going anywhere and will continue to affect your dominant vibration and, therefore, your life.

Some baggage is heavier than others. For example, experiencing a trauma roots a negative feeling/belief into you in a way that is harder to shake than other feelings. That’s because it disrupts your nervous system along with your heart/mind.

Trauma isn’t about the experience, it’s about the feeling or meaning you gave it. It’s your emotional response to what happened that affects you.

If you’re consciously aware of that kind of wound, maybe it affects you with negative feelings. If not, maybe you bury it and end up developing an illness or declining health.

Maybe you have panic attacks and can’t figure out why.

Here's why you feel stuck or like manifestation doesn't work for you:

You ignoring the problem hasn't made it go away. It's still there, you're just refusing to deal with it. That’s like stepping on a nail and pretending you didn’t.

The nail is still there, dammit!

It's time to deal with it. To get that shit gone once and for all. Sometimes, contrary to popular teaching, you do have to focus on the negative. Just long enough to transform it, heal it, neutralize it, and let it go. For good.

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