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How Our Blocks and Trauma Impacts Our Health

I talk to so many women who have underlying health issues. Chronic illness or pain or something else that limits their lifestyle and energy. And they all want to do more for their health. More wellness, more freedom, more days where their own body doesn’t hold them back.

And I get that. I've been there. I had Lyme & parasites. And those led to gut problems, hirsutism, fatigue, pain, hormone imbalance, mental health imbalance, etc.

Here's what I did for my health:

Pooped more! The #1 way to clear toxic shit is to...shit! 💩

I know it sounds ridicyulous or weird or silly but healthy elimination is actually CRUCIAL to being able to move things through you. Stuck emotions become illness, ailments, and toxins. How do we eliminate toxic shit?


The second thing I did that made the MOST difference:

I cleared my trauma and emotional wounds

This was more of a combination or group effort with a little bit of therapy, energy work, Reiki, meditation, and really just a practice in mastering a new thought pattern while releasing old pain.

Now, I practice that same energy work with my own private coaching clients because nothing else even comes close to transforming trauma like this method does.

You should also know:

Those two things came alongside all of the medical stuff I was doing and supplements I was taking. And while I did not come here to patronize you by saying that treating the body is not important--I AM coming here to say that for most of us, physical illnesses are manifestations of what's going on in the deepest parts of our being. And it’s a big clue as to what you need to HEAL on a soul level before your body can heal with it.

If you’re looking for more help on clearing your trauma and emotional wounds, I’d love to chat about private coaching! Fill out this form and I’ll get back to you soon.


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